MACDONALD, George. A Dish of Orts


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Since printing throughout the title _Orts_, a doubt has arisen in mymind as to its fitting the nature of the volume. It could hardly,however, be imagined that I associate the idea of _worthlessness_ withthe work contained in it. No one would insult his readers by offeringthem what he counted valueless scraps, and telling them they were such.These papers, those two even which were caught in the net of theready-writer from extempore utterance, whatever their merits inthemselves; are the results of by no means trifling labour. So much aman _ought_ to be able to say for his work. And hence I might defend, ifnot quite justify my title–for they are but fragmentary presentments oflarger meditation. My friends at least will accept them as such, whetherthey like their collective title or not.

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