Adam Smith and Modern Sociology / Albion Woodbury Small


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This book is a fragment which I hope will some time find its place in a more complete
study of the relations between nineteenth-century social sciences and sociology.
The larger investigation is in progress in my seminar, and results are already in sight which
justify belief that the work will not be without value.
On the purely methodological side, this investigation was stimulated, if not originally
suggested, by experiences in connection with the St. Louis Congress of Arts and Science.
In all departments of progressive knowledge, the second half of the nineteenth century was
unique in its intensive development of scientific analysis. It is not probable that scholars will
ever permanently appraise the importance of analysis below their present estimates, but it is
certain that we are entering an era of relatively higher appreciation of synthesis.
The most distinctive trait of present scholarship is its striving for correlation with all other
scholarship. Segregated sciences are becoming discredited sciences.

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