A Modern Cinderella / Louisa May Alcott


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Looking backward from the hill-top, John answered the meek shout cheerily, and took in the group with a
lingering glance: Laura in the shadow of the elms, Di perched on the fence, and Nan leaning far over the gate
with her hand above her eyes and the sunshine touching her brown hair with gold. He waved his hat and
turned away; but the music seemed to die out of the blackbird’s song, and in all the summer landscape his eyes
saw nothing but the little figure at the gate.
”Bless and save us! here’s a flock of people coming; my hair is in a toss, and Nan’s without her shoe; run! fly,
girls! or the Philistines will be upon us!” cried Di, tumbling off her perch in sudden alarm.
Three agitated young ladies, with flying draperies and countenances of mingled mirth and dismay, might have
been seen precipitating themselves into a respectable mansion with unbecoming haste; but the squirrels were
the only witnesses of this ”vision of sudden flight,” and, being used to ground-and-lofty tumbling, didn’t mind
When the pedestrians passed, the door was decorously closed, and no one visible but a young man, who
snatched something out of the road, and marched away again, whistling with more vigor of tone than accuracy
of tune, ”Only that, and nothing more.”
Summer ripened into autumn, and something fairer than
”Sweet-peas and mignonette In Annie’s garden grew.”
Her nature was the counterpart of the hill-side grove, where as a child she had read her fairy tales, and now as
a woman turned the first pages of a more wondrous legend still. Lifted above the many-gabled roof, yet not
cut off from the echo of human speech, the little grove seemed a green sanctuary, fringed about with violets,
and full of summer melody and bloom. Gentle creatures haunted it, and there was none to make afraid;
wood-pigeons cooed and crickets chirped their shrill roundelays, anemones and lady-ferns looked up from the
moss that kissed the wanderer’s feet. Warm airs were all afloat, full of vernal odors for the grateful sense,
silvery birches shimmered like spirits of the wood, larches gave their green tassels to the wind, and pines
made airy music sweet and solemn, as they stood looking heavenward through veils of summer sunshine or
shrouds of wintry snow.

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